How to Find Happiness with Sophrosyne

Before we can achieve any sort of balance with the Greek philisophy of Sophrosyne, we first must understand what it is, and the importance of obtaining it.


What is the definition of Sophrosyne?



The unfortunate distractions of life can lead to the imbalance of our ambitions and true self.  It is through Sohprosyne, where we start to build this awareness and monitor our thoughts by what we consume.

This brings the important question we ask ourselves, “what is productive to my thoughts and actions, and what inefficient habits do I need to discard?”

It is through giving value to our own beliefs and character that we begin to work on the soundness of mind.

I like thinking of it as if I was a bank. The more value I have invested within myself, well the more I have to give to others.

Through moderation, I believe the road to obtaining happiness, is closer than you think.



Rooting from the words of Plato, the philosopher from Greece believed if the individual achieved the balance of prudence, self-control, and moderation, then that person has already achieved the soundness of mind.


Here’s a video that goes more into depth, hope you enjoy it!

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